Sorry .

Hye babe and assalamualaikum .
                                  Hmm , aaaa .. hmmm , aaaa . Okay let's me start . Hmm sorry dear . I know its my fault . I know i've make our anniversary day spoil . I've try my best . I've try to be the best for you . Hmm sorry .. Seriously , i love you . You've make my world bright shine . This is really crazy cause i'm in love with you . this is true . What ever it is sorry for everything . Hm dear i'm begging you . There is a place for you mohamad syith danial . No ones can replace your place in my heart . No ones can make me smile .It's hard  for me to live without you . Dearly , my superhero . btw Happy 5th  month anniversary . I'm glad cause i know you . I wish you're here with me every seconds every minutes . But , hmm it's okay ..  DEAR BOY , SORRY . ILOVEYOU ! ONLY YOU . NO ONES BUT YOU . THANKS , FOR GIVING ME A TRUE LOVES . MOHAMAD SYITH DANIAL :* . Hmm  , aa one more thing baby . I'm sorry  if i hurt you . I'm sorry  if i made you blue ,  i'm sorry if i couldn't  make you happy . i'm sorry if i made  those tears come outta your eyes . i really sorry . i never meant to hurt you . hmm okay laa that's all . Iloveyou . byee babyboyy . seyaaa .


Story Cik Eija. Thanks stalker :D